An Organized Vehicle is a Safe Vehicle
What does the inside of your car look like right now? If you had to reach for your insurance and registration, will a mountain of clutter topple out of the glove box? If you were in an accident what objects are loose in the backseat that could cause additional damage not only to your car, but possibly your head?
“January is Get Organized month, so there’s no better time to clean out and organize your car than today!”
Keep yourself and your family safer when you are on the road with a clean and organized vehicle. Have important papers in a dedicated spot that is easy to reach. Many people find the glovebox is the best place for important documents like vehicle registration and insurance information.
Organize that glovebox! Start by taking everything out and putting it all in a storage container. If it is garbage, throw it away! Put away items you need but that don’t belong in your car! Throw away old condiment packets, unreadable receipts, broken straws, melted chapstick or whatever other junk you find languishing in this compartment.

Organize your Glovebox!

Clean it out. Wipe down the inside and outside of the glove box. Use a simple non-toxic cleaner (this is an enclosed space – some baby wipes or a rag with vinegar water is all you need) and wipe out all the dust and crud.
Make the glove compartment useful and keep it organized by using a small expanding file for all your receipts and car documents. Organize any papers you keep in your car. The most important of these papers will be your vehicle registration and your proof of insurance.
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