Five Stuff in Your Home You are Forgetting to Clean

When it comes to home cleaning, we tend to put more focus on the places we immediately see. However, we fail to notice certain spots that are also critical breedings grounds for bacteria, germs, viruses, and pests.

It’s always important to never ignore important details when cleaning. If your aim is to make your home spotless and prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, it’s best not to leave these small yet important parts of the household:

Electronic devices

Your remote control, telephone, computer keyboard, mouse, and other handheld devices may contain thousands of bacteria. Moreover, viruses are easily spread with these devices, so make sure to give them a proper wipe down using a cleaning solution.

Garbage bins or trash cans

Pests can turn garbage bins into nesting grounds. Bacteria are also known to spread easily if bits of food are left to rot in the bins. In addition, the smell of garbage will still linger even if you empty out these bins, so make sure to disinfect them.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans barely receive any attention. This is because they are installed in the most negligible places – in this case, the ceiling. Left untouched, your ceiling fans may attract germs and bacteria, which are easily spread when the fans are turned on. It may seem like a tedious task, but keeping your fans dust-free will make for a healthier home.


Doorknobs are one of the most ideal breeding grounds for germs. They are being used frequently by different hands, hence making it easier for germs (and even viruses) to spread from one person to another. Aside from washing our hands regularly, we should also wipe the doorknobs using a disinfectant in order to prevent the spread of diseases more effectively.

Kitchen sponges

Kitchen sponges accumulate germs. In a study cited by the New York Times, these familiar cleaning materials attract bacteria or germs through contact with food, skin or any other surfaces. That being said, you may as well replace kitchen sponges every two to three weeks to prevent germs from multiplying faster.

The way you clean your home reflects the kind of lifestyle you have. When it comes to creating a secure and healthy environment for your family, you should start by cleaning up your home, and that includes every nook and cranny.

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