Five Things Your Houseguests Will Notice

Entertaining houseguests can be a fulfilling part of being a homeowner. Still, you will have to admit that making a good impression on your houseguests can be challenging.

Houseguests do not just look at what they can immediately see. They also observe the even smallest details in your home.

Here are the five things you may have missed but your houseguests will:



A pungent smell makes for a bad impression. Your houseguests will notice it first before everything else. So, always clean out your dishwasher and practice proper waste disposal. Nose blindness wouldn’t help you at all. So, even if you think your home doesn’t stink, it’s safer to give it a spray of air freshener.



The choice of lighting should depend on the mood and/or the atmosphere. If you are welcoming a guest during the daytime, it is important to let natural light in. Open the curtains and blinds to make the interior glow. During nighttime, a dimmer switch can help you set the mood you wanted.



Houseguests like to walk around your home, so it is very likely that they will notice clutter. It’s doesn’t make your home appealing and it adds stress to the eyes. Proper organization is important, so put everything in their proper places. You will have a neat and relaxing home as a result.



It is unavoidable for houseguests to use your bathroom. Make sure that the toilet and bathroom sink are clean and replace towels with clean ones. Lastly, do not forget to refill the toilet paper dispenser and give the bathroom a good spray.



Your houseguests will take a look inside your fridge as well. Always keep it looking fresh and odor-free. Take some time to throw out expired food, wipe off spills, and dispose of rotting products. Organize your fridge by placing specific items inside labeled containers. Place some odor control agent inside so it won’t smell grimy. Houseguests will be suspicious of the food and drinks you serve if you have a messy and smelly fridge.

There are a lot more things your houseguests will notice. It’s only a matter of being aware of the smallest details around your home. That way, you can give your houseguests the best visit they have ever been on.

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