Organization and Goal Setting Can Make You Money as a Small Business Owner


January is National Get Organized (GO!) Month.

As a small business owner, goal setting and staying organized is an important part of building your business.

Make it a priority to obtain the right insurance for your small business this New Year!

When you are covered by a custom built policy for your needs, you are able to compete for every job you come across. Without proper insurance protection you might be missing out on potential business. These policies can be inexpensive and tailored to your needs as a small business owner.

Setting achievable, measurable goals is a great way to kickstart your team’s motivation at the beginning of the year and set a path for the next twelve months of success. Hopefully 2017 was an amazing year for your small business. Or maybe it wasn’t and mistakes were made and learned from. Whether you had your best year yet, or you are hoping to make better business decisions this year, there is always room for improvement and growth. 2018 can be your best year yet when you lay out clear goals for the year ahead.


2018 Small Business Goals to Get You Motivated:


New leads, new business = more money!

Make sure that your company is properly covered by the right insurance so you never miss out on an income opportunity. Contact us today for your custom quote.

Reducing business costs = more money!

Setting a measurable goal each week (or month) for new client contacts is a great way to expand your business. When you continue to do this regularly, you can calculate your statistics for success and know exactly how many new leads you need to contact each period to achieve your financial goals! For example, if you contact ten prospects this week and make one sale, but you really needed to close five, then next week your goal will be to contact 50 prospects. When your business goals are measurable, achievable, and organized, you are setting yourself up for success.

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Other ways to reduce business costs include:

Eliminating unnecessary expenses. When you are organized you are able to more efficiently manage cash flow by avoiding late fees, buying in bulk, invoicing promptly and making time to pursue receivables. Reach out to your suppliers (especially if they are also small business owners) and build strong relationships with them.


What goals are you setting for the New Year as a small business owner? Make this the year you invest in your success and open all the doors. Follow us on Facebook for more small business tips and to ask your questions about small business insurance.


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