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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance is a type of insurance coverage that aims to reduce the impact of property loss due to flooding. With flood insurance on hand, you would not have to worry much about the potential damages that can be caused by these dangerous waters.

Water damage coverage, in most homeowner’s policies, does not cover water that rises from the ground, only water that comes into contact first with your home. This is where we draw the line between what can be covered by Homeowners Insurance Policy and a Private Flood Insurance.


  1. You live near a river and the river overflows all around your neighborhood and the water seeps into your house, this would be covered by your flood insurance policy.
  2. Powerful winds cause your tree to land on your roof creating a hole for the rainwater to accumulate inside: wind is the cause of damage, so your homeowner’s policy would cover this.
  3. A pipe burst in your house and water goes all over your hardwood floors: this is internal water damage and therefore covered by your homeowner’s policy.
  4. Heavy rains inundate the area, water rises and enters your property and your neighboring property: flood insurance would cover this.

The best way to cover losses caused by water damage is to get a private flood insurance.


How can Alternative Insurance Agency Help You?


We offer Private Flood Insurance as a less costly and more technologically advanced system to insure properties located in special flood hazard areas. Alternative Insurance Agency guarantees private qualified insurance products that are accepted through all major lending institutions.

Due to Flood insurance being very Specific to the individual and multiple options available, Flood insurance Quotes are provided via phone call. Please Call us at (386)575-2300 or use the form below to have someone reach out to you regarding Flood insurance.

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