The Dangers of Floods

Severe flooding is one of the worst natural disasters in the country. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) points out that floods cause millions of dollars in damages every year. Heavy rains and river overflow are the natural causes.

However, man-made problems such as clogged sewage, drainage systems, and dam failures are also some of the reasons. Either way, floods can cause widespread damage and it can get difficult for people to move on after the water subsides.

Here are some of the most difficult effects flooding can bring to people.

Economic and Property Loss

Floods destroy people’s livelihood. They can wipe out farm lands. The chemicals they bring can also affect the fertility of the soil, making it harder for farmers to grow their crops. Aside from economic losses the most obvious effect is that they destroy homes, roads, bridges, and bring widespread catastrophe in their wake.

Life Loss

In 2016, there have been at least 58 flood-related deaths in five states. Floods can result to a horrific loss of life. They are also deadly to animals.

Mental and Emotional Problem

Aside from financial instability, people also suffer from mental and emotional problems after a flood. People often experience trauma upon seeing a large influx of water entering their homes. It’s hard to watch everything drown and disappear right before your very eyes. It results in anxiety, fear, depression, and sadness.It’s best to prepare for natural disasters to prevent more problems from occurring. Flood insurance can help cover water damage to your home. However, basic flood insurance premiums cover losses due to water damage.

Alternative Insurance Agency guarantees private flood insurers qualified insurance products that are accepted through all major lending institutions. In most cases, an Elevation Certificate is NOT A REQUIREMENT.

While we can’t stop hurricanes and torrential rains from flooding the streets, we can always make the necessary preparations to survive the effects that come after. On our part, we will continue to bring the best insurance ALTERNATIVES for our customers.


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