Top 5 Valentine’s Spending Trends

Is your business on the list?

Many businesses see an increase in consumer spending trends around Valentine’s Day, especially after a possible lull post-Christmas season. More business = more money = more problems! Well, let’s hope not, but higher commercial traffic in storefronts does means there’s a higher chance an accident could happen. When you have the right insurance policy for your company, you can welcome all the frantic romantic shoppers, knowing you have protection in place for any issue that may arise (or fall!).

Take a look at the following businesses that may see extra traffic on Valentine’s day. Consider patronizing similar local businesses to find something nice for a special person in your life. Do you own a similar business and need General Liability Insurance? Call Alternative Insurance Agency today for a free quote: 386-575-2300.


Young romantic couple showing a heart shape


A dinner date might be predictable and cliche, but so what? Restaurants tend to see higher than average sales on Valentine’s Day. Splurge on a fancy place… if you remember to make reservations!

Jewelry stores (and Pawn Shops)

Who can resist a quality piece of jewelry? A necklace, ring(!) or a sophisticated timepiece can make excellent tokens of affection for that special someone.

Candy Shops & Bakeries

Sweets are the most popular of Valentine’s gifts. Show your sweetie you’re sweet on them with an assortment of sweet sweets!

Lingerie, personal care & clothing or department stores

Maybe you’d like to see someone special in a special something? Or maybe you’d like to wrap yourself up in something special, for that special someone to unwrap? Either way, lingerie is a steamy Valentine’s choice whether you are the giver or receiver.


Flowers will always be in fashion. They can brighten up someone’s day and really are appropriate at any relationship level. Friend, family, flirt, or fun…if you have someone you’re not sure what to get, but want to make them smile on Valentine’s Day, some beautiful flowers could be just the ticket.

Are you a business owner expecting an influx of traffic in anticipation of Valentine’s Day? Be ready for anything with the proper insurance coverage. As a small business owner, you don’t have the luxury of the vast legal resources that a corporate office provides. A small accident or mistake could be the end of your small business. The appropriate insurance coverage is necessary year round. Call Alternative Insurance Agency today for your free quote: 386-575-2300.


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